Hi This is William Joseph Rathore
It is my personal website,

CoolWilliam Joseph Rathore

As an amateur person, I want to display the things that, tell stories about me and about the majesty of nature. I also thought I could share a few things about me and my life.
The parkari people are basically a trible people I am also parkari and we have the cultural and hard working person in our community.
About me

My name is William Joseph Rathore, I am cool mind person living in Kuwait working with DynCorp International as a Logistic Coordinator. I love my job  I have happy life and have a blessing in the life. Cool

I have so many testmonies in the life the God is great for me.


My parents

He is my dad, very nice person and have kind heart. All the time willing to help other. My Dad is now 87years old and have good health by the Grace of God. I hope and good wishes and prays for my loving Dad. Also I love my Mom She is so nice and helpful personility and hard working lady.

If you have good parents that means you got such blessing by the God.

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Message from my Dad

Do work hard to get success

In matters not what others say
In ridicule or fun;
I want to live that I may hear
Him say to me, "Well done".

This is all about me you can also see my album click on Photo page.